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Have a little fun
My Goofy page
My Crazy Soviets page
and more to come...
Beware: HEAVY graphics!
My job search
Sorry to bother you again but I do need a job.
My "'iRC #russian homepage' rejects" page
iRC #russian party in New Jersy, 1995 page
People that I know to be known to have a well-known homepages.
Sites of general interest. -3COM- -Apple- -ASPBorland- -Cisco- -CA- -Corel- -Creative- -DEC- -Delrina- -Dell- -HP- -IBM Lotus- -Intel- -McAfee- -Microsoft- -Novell WordPerfect- -Oracle- -Quarterdeck.Landmark- -SGI- -Sun- -Symantec- -ZDnet- -CMP- -TIME- -FutureNet- -BoardWatch- -SunTimes- -NetSurfer- -CBS- -NBC- -ABC- -FOX- -Discovery Channel- -UPN- -WBN- -CPB- -BBC- -SFC- -CSpan- -DSS- -PLAYBOY-
THE sites
Sites I visit frequently. Mostly news ans Russian-related stuff.
-Nando Times- -CNN- -Kharkov party
Web search
Various Web search engines. List compiled by Mr. Nossik.
-Archie- -CUI- -FAQs- -Galaxy- -InfoSeek- -MicroSuck- -Movies Database- -Open.Text- -What's.New.Too!- -What's New? (Netscape)- -Veronica- -Yahoo-


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