This is Larisa "Helenka" Brikman,

and this is me, Konstantin "Tushka" Bartenev

And all the following is a home page devoted entirely to a party that took place on the Labor Day weekend, 1995 in Highland Park,

New Jersey


this page is always under construction. As of right now it consists mainly of pictures in JPG format. The reason is lack of disc space. If anyone wants to have a certain graphic file in a format other than JPG it could be arranged. Also, there are lots of group pictures and I don't know every person on them, so if you see someone you know and he or she is nameless please let me know.

First, the symbol of the party... Olegik...
Before and after...
it always makes me wonder how fast can a person go from a soulfull socialite to an immobile body!

Now, please take a look at the group pictures.
As of now all of them are dubbed "HAPOD" but with your help I hope to name all those drunk people - for everybody to know! Just that you know: "Mr. X" means "some guy" and "Ms. X" equals "some gal." I would like to apologize in advance for misnaming some people - you don't you all!!! wah are you?! crazy?!

HAPOD: Tushka, Helenka, olegik, Alishka, KACTOPKA, Gera, some people...

HAPOD: nosol, Natashka, KACTOPKA, iola, alla, Reginka, Gera, parts of Joel, Alishka, janya, Serezha, some people...

HAPOD: Tushka with no head, marvel, Natashka , Joel, KACTOPKA, Gera, iola, alla, Alishka, janya, Reginka, Serezha, some people...

HAPOD: BAM, Joel, Olegik, Serezha, helenka, Gera, Tushka with no head, KACTOPKA, Alishka, bonvivant, ELO, Natashka, janya, ArTy, some people...

HAPOD: Natashka, Stas, lentochka, helenka

HAPOD: iola, Allamo, nosol, Tushka, olegik, KACTOPKA, kly, some guy

HAPOD: KACTOPKA, Serezha, XPEH, olegik, Allamo

HAPOD: KACTOPKA, XPEH, Tushka, Allamo, Freezer, ArTy, Helenka, Serezha

HAPOD: Comrade, Allamo, Olegik, KACTOPKA.

Here are some people whose somewhat anti-social behavior had landed them in trouble! So, don't repeat their mistakes! always use the Club! and, of course, accept no cheap immitations!

From the files of the Highland Park Police department...
P L U S something you will find only here!!!
First, XPEH da Rasta man!

Then, az in the hands of mercyless agents of MATb (note, Olegik standing idly)...

And naturally, bonvivant gets everybody but me!

You might also want to take a look at Allamo at his best

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