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This is a new location. The old page that was located at my University of Pittsburgh staff account is done with. The account has been terminated. This page is much smaller but I hope to restore it to its previous size and even expand it. Enjoy.

I am moving back to New York City as of July 1996.
Unfortunately, I am not sure what my phone numbers will be but I will be checking my E-Mail regularly. Please keep that in mind in case you need to reach me. Thank you.

These are the most recent pictures of me available. The one on the left taken in the end of October 1995. The one on the right is a picture of me at my graduation... Hey! I've got a Bachelor's degree, can you believe it?!! No more starving - let's get back to the magic 200 lbs mark!


This page as probably 99.9% of all other Web pages is devoted to one thing and one thing only: shameless self-promotion. Below you will find a small gallery of images (a great number of them contain one beautiful but humble being - that is me), my resume, whatever else stuff I don't mind you to know about me, and links to pages and sites that are of interest to me (and should be to you!!!). Good luck and don't die of Konstantin overdose!

Another disclaimer:

please, do not upset me... or else...

me again

First, some instructions:

In order to increase the loading speed of this page it has been divided into great many sub-pages. Just click on the link/icon you are interested in and you're there, dude!

Now something you all have been waiting for -- my resume. I am available for both contract and salary jobs. Good luck in trying to hire me!

Here are some of the pages that I have built and that are located on this WWW site:
Here: are some of the Web Pages I use frequently and thus prefer to have links to them on the main page:

My new picture of the day/week/month... (depends on whether or not I'll bother to change it)

My old picture of the day/week/month...(depends on whether or not I'll bother to change it)

To my Goofy Page!
To my Crazy Soviets page!
Storming of Kremlin!
(Knowledge of Russian required)
Please E-Mail me. That is if you have something to E-Mail.
I am always looking for a job. Okay, okay - I am greedy! Please, take another look at my resume (it is somewhat interactive)

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